Thank you for choosing to use our services and products.
The user manual for our platform is provided on the Settings page.
By using our services, you are agreeing to our terms which stipulated as followed.
We provide many services which differ accordingly, and in the case that we release new products the terms of service will be updated accordingly. Please ensure you keep up to date with our revised Terms of Services.

Policies stipulated within services are to be followed by the users.
Users are allowed to only open one account. Opening multiple accounts without contacting our support team is a violation of our terms of service and may result in exclusion from using our services.

Accessing our platforms through any method other than the access point provided on our login page is considered as a misuse of our services and is illegal. For example, hacking our platform in any way or manner. This may result in legal action being taken.

Users do not have rights of ownership over our intellectual property or the content you access just because they are using our services. Using content from our services without obtaining permission from the owner is not allowed and is considered illegal. This include branding, logos or any graphic designs from our services, which may not be altered, edited or removed.

Content provided by users is the responsibility of the user that makes it available. This content is liable to thorough inspections that will determine whether or not it violates our policies, whether if of harmful nature or not. In cases where such content has been missed, users are encouraged to contact support and report such content.

Claiming ownership or using content provided by other users without their permission or knowledge is not allowed. This content may example such as images from previous project profiles. Users are merely provided the privilege to access to each other’s content and this does not result in actually owning their content. If someone is using your content without your knowledge and permission, you are encouraged to contact support.

It is the user’s responsibility to know that any content shared on our platform such as images, contact details and project information will be accessed and seen by anyone who has an account, this is for service purposes such as project bidding or profile building. Sharing personal details such as bank account details and pins is not allowed.

It is the user’s responsibility to keep their password private and confidential so to protect their account. Your account is your responsibility and so is any activity that occurs in or through that account. If you suspect any activity on or in your account that is not your doing, you can contact support for assistance.

Users can delete or terminate our services at any time of choosing. However, you are encouraged support so we can find ways to improve our services without losing ever losing as our client and customer. As we can acknowledge that may have some short falls.

Bidders or service providers are encouraged to have at least two previous project profile with working referrals before bidding for projects. This is so users who request services can be sure that the service provider is qualified and experienced.

Users who post project, or request bidders are advised to select winners with existing profiles/portfolio. Further steps can be taken by contacting referrals on those past projects. Contact details will be provided by service provider. This will reduce the risk of the project failing. Myprojectbid does not accept liability of any bad services or failing projects due to selected winning bidder. We only provide a platform with the ability to help you get access to service providers willing to do the project at your allocated budget or lower by negotiating the costs/prices or budget through bidding. Thus, any liabilities of the failing project are the responsibility between the service provider/bidder and the owner/user who requested the services.

Users are expected to be reasonable and realistic when creating projects service provides bid for. For example, requesting a Double Story upgrade for your house and allocating a budget of R5000. This is considered as a misuse of our services and platform, and such users will have their accounts deactivated and prevented from using our services in the future.

Selected winners/bidders are expected to work within their winning budget. Bidders who after winning a project change their prices are misusing our services should be reported. This will result in exclusion from our services. Any changes in the budget must be an agreement between the two parties involved.